Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day 16

Wednesday's Result
Marcel came first in the first race but
Alexander Exchange sneaked in second at 2.50 in the second race at Plumpton for another £7 in the bank.

After adjustment, mainly for commissions on the wins, the bank is actually standing at £160 - so the daily target goes up to £8. I will be increasing the bet slightly (to £8.50) to allow for the commission payment.

Today's Selections
12.50 Market Rasen: Player @ 1.86
14.30 Leicester: Nobelix @ 1.72
14.50 Market Rasen: Camden George @ 2.56
15.00 Leicester: An Accordian @ 1.73
15.20 Market Rasen: Custom Design @ 2.28

Golf Vacation Venue of the Day
Over at the golfvacationer blog. the venue of the day is Macdonald Aviemore Highland Resort in Inverness-shire.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 15

After a few days without a full set of signals, today I am back to laying some bets

Today's selections
13.05 Plumpton: Marcel @ 2.30
13.40 Plumpton: Alexander Exchange @ 1.88
14.10 Plumpton: Avitta @ 2.28
15.25 Catterick: Tazbar @ 2.50
13.40 Kempton: First Buddy @ 2.22

Golf Vacation Venue of the Day
Over at the golfvacationer blog. the venue of the day is Hilton Templepatrick in County Antrim.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day 14

No suitable rollover chain formed, so no bets were layed.

The bank is still £158 and the daily target stays at £7.

Today's selections
Again, not enough suitable signals for a rollover.

Golf Vacation Venue of the Day
Over at the golfvacationer blog, the venue of the day is Ramside Hall in County Durham.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Day 13

Friday's Result
Escayola won the first race in our selection, the 2.20 at Musselburgh but then Freeze The Flame came second at Newbury at 1.74.

£7 into the bank this time and a total return so far of 58%

The bank is now up to £158: the daily target stays at £7.

Today's selections
I didn't make any selections over the weekend and today there only seem to be 2 definites. I will keep an eye on things but it doesn't look as if I'll be laying any bets today.

The Golf Venue of the Day over at Golf Vacationer is the Plassey Leisure Park in North Wales.

Thought For the Day
Before you rush to judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes. Then, if you still don't like them at least you'll be a mile away and you'll have their shoes.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Day 12

Thursday's Result
Joyryder came in second @ 1.75 (to a 50-1 rank outsider) in our first selection of the day - the 13.15 at Uttoxeter

£7 into the bank this time and a total return so far of 51%
The bank is now up to £151: the daily target stays at £7.

Today's selections
12.20 Musselburgh: Escayola @ 2.58
13.00 Newbury: Freeze The Flame @ 1.78
13.10 Wolverhampton: Aureate @ 1.83
13.35 Newbury: Briareus @ 2.08
15.50 Kempton: Bussel @ 2.46

First Reserve
16.00 Wolverhampton: Salient @ 1.97

Something Else I Didn't Know A Week Ago
Other than the colour, there is no difference between brown-shelled eggs and white-shelled eggs. In general, white shells come from white hens and brown shells from brown hens...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Day 11

Wednesday's Result
Lamanver Homerun came in second in our the first race of the day - the 12.15 at Lingfield.

Another quick £6.
The bank is now up to £144, so the daily target increases to £7.

Today's selections
13.15 Uttoxeter: Joyryder @ 1.83
13.35 Uttoxeter: The Painkiller @ 2.66
13.45 Thurles: Merveilles @ 2.30
14.05 Uttoxeter: Tetragon @ 2.58
14.25 Taunton: Tambourine Davis @ 2.62

Horses Ass of the Day Award
This goes to the Deputy Chief Constable who thinks that drug addicts should be given heroin free of charge on the National Health.

This is when Alzheimer sufferers are currently being refused certain drugs.

Perhaps he also thinks that smokers should get free cigarettes, or alcoholics free booze, or caffeine addicts free coffee, or tv addicts free television sets....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day 10

Tuesday's Result
The 'possibles' all moved within the system criteria, so I layed my first bet on
Bongoure in the 12.40 at Sedgefield -- who obliged nicely by coming in second.

Another quick £6 and the bank is up to £138.

Today's selections
12.15 Lingfield: Lamanver Homerun @ 2.60
13.35 Chepstow: Hopkins @ 1.78
13.50 Lingfield: Myson @ 2.68
14.10 Chepstow: Brave Villa @2.54
14.45 Chepstow: Blue Splash @ 2.28

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 9

Monday's Result
In the 13.50 at Ludlow,
Backbord won at 2.10.

I rolled the bet over onto Reinstated at 2.66 in the 14.10 at Southwell, who was, happily, unplaced.

The bank is now up to £132.

Today's selections
As at 09.30 GMT, there are 3 that fulfill the criteria + 2 possibles.
I will decide nearer the 1st race whether to run the rollover or not

12.40 Sedgefield: Bongoure @ 2.50
13.45 Sedgefield: Carrietau @ 2.44
14.40 Kempton: The Luder @ 2.50

13.00 Kempton: My Turn Now @ 1.99
16.50 Wolverhampton: Lilac Star @ 2.74

Monday, November 20, 2006

Day 8

Had I been betting on Sunday, I would have been back on track after Saturday's narrow escape. In the first race - the 12.10 at Towcester - Glen Thyne came in second, which would have put another £6 in the bank.

Back to betting for real.
The bank stands at £126 and the current daily target is £6.

Today's selections
13.50 Ludlow: Backbord @ 2.70
14.10 Southwell: Reinstated @ 2.32
14.20 Ludlow: Downs Folly @ 2.32
14.40 Southwell: Legend House @ 2.42
14.50 Ludlow: Shardam @ 2.70

Bear in mind that the odds, and indeed the favourites, do change as the day goes on. What may fit the system criteria first thing in the morning, may not be a good bet closer to race time. I may, therefore, need to amend the forecast as the day goes on.

Horses's Ass of the Day
Trading Officers in Wales have banned the sale of "Welsh Dragon" sausages because -- yes, you've guessed -- they don't contain any dragon meat. They analysed the contents and discovered mainly pork. The manufacturers agreed, pointing out that was what was shown in the ingredients list printed on the package.

Manufacturers of 'spotted dick', 'fish fingers', 'shepherds pie', 'cottage pie', 'fishermans pie', 'monster munch' crisps, 'bangers & mash', 'chicken drumsticks' and other such misleading products, are now under pressure to come clean about their ingredients.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day 7

What a let off on Saturday - I managed to miss a wipeout by the simple expedient of not making any bets.

I am repeating that strategy today and will not be betting.

Just to see how the system fares. here are Sunday's picks:
12.10 Towcester: Glen Thyne at 2.50
12.55 Cork: Holly Tree at 2..40
13.15 Punchestown: Conna Castle at 2.60
13.20 Plumpton: Geeveene at 2.10
14.00 Cork: Mac Three at 2.58

The next forecast will be on Monday, 20 November 2006 .

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Day 6

Day 6: Saturday, 18 November 2006

On Friday, I layed Gringo at 2.40 in the 12.25 at Kelso.
Another strong favourite unplaced.
Another target safely banked.

The bank is now up to £126 - a 26% return in less than a week.

Although Saturday is usually the main day of the horseracing week, I was out and about with my family enjoying an excellent woodland walk - blue skies, bright sunshine, trees in autumn dressing... absolute magic.

Before I went out I did have time to make my selection, just to see how the system fared:
12.15 Punchestown: Piltown at 2.44
12.55 Huntington: Ungaro at 2..44
13.20 Haydock: Kicks for Free at 1.73
13.35 Ascot: Hardy Eutace at 2.28
13.50 Haydock: Kauto Star at 2.46

What a stroke of luck that I was out rambling rather than placing bets - a complete wipeout! Every favourite a winner. Had I been betting today I would have gone down by over £340! According to the odds, a wipeout should only happen every 200 days or so. Mine happened after 6 days. Maybe the beginners luck gods are smiling on me. Mind you, odds are not real life - I could have another wipeout tomorrow.

I will probably not be betting on Sunday, so the next forecast will be on Monday, 20 November 2006 .

Quote of the Day
"In every civilisation known to man, the ratio of horses asses to horses is always greater than 1"
Robert Littell

Friday, November 17, 2006

Day 1-5

Day 5: 17 November 2006

On Thursday I layed Oenologue at 2.00 in the 12.40 at Market Rasen and the little beauty was unplaced. I just love it when the first race produces the target winnings. I'll enjoy it while I can and bank another £5.

The bank is now up to £120, so I will increase my target return to £6 per day.

Today's selection
12.25 Kelso: Gringo at 2.60
12.50 Kelso: Three Mirrors at 2.64
13.10 Exeter: Dream Alliance at 2.32
13.25 Kelso: Rasharrow at 1.93
14.10 Ascot: Hawkridge Star at 2.58

Day 4: 16 November 2006

On Wednesday, Jost Van Dyke went out to 3.30 so I didn't lay the bet, which was a shame because the horse was unplaced.

Instead I layed Mr Aitch at 2.50 only to watch it drop to 2.24 and Royal Attraction lengthen to 6.80. This is outside the recommended spread - but, as the bet was on, there was nothing to be done other than cross fingers. In betting circles, finger-crossing is not high on the list of recommended strategies but it worked - Mr Aitch came second and another easy £5 goes into the pot

Today's selection

12.40 Market Rasen: Oenologue
13.25 Clonmel: Le Toscanat
14.40 Market Rasen: Esprit Saint
15.00 Wincanton: Harringay
15.50 Hereford: Platin Grounds

Day 3: 15 November 2006

Tuesday was a much less stressful day as the very first of my picks - Plume d'Oudaries - lost.

So no rollover needed and an easy £5 into the treats tin. I was tempted to start a new rollover chain, but this is against the game plan and I resisted.

Todays selection
There are quite a few other races which are borderline, but here are the current picks:
12.30 Southwell: Jost Van Dyke
12.40 Warwick: Mr Aitch at 2.62
13.00 Southwell: Jabbata at 2.66
13.30 Hexham: Flint River at 2.66
15.50 Hexham: Roc Tredudon at 2.34

Day 2: 14 November 2006

Monday was not a good start, I had to wait for the 4th race - which was a bit of a buttock clencher - but then Letham Island did the business and came in second (the 1st and 2nd favourites swapped just before starters orders, so I didn't back Little Eskimo - although as neither won, it didn't actually matter).

So a crisp £5 in the biscuit barrel.

Todays selection:
12.40 Folkestone: Plume D'Oudairies at 2.66
13.00 Fakenham: Executive Paddy at 2.36
14.00 Fakenham: Capitalise at 2.28
14.40 Folkestone: Garde Champetre at 1.96
17.50 Wolverhampton: Whazzis at 2.60

Day 1: 13 November 2006

I am starting with a £100 betting bank and a target return of 5% per day (better than a savings account at 5% per year, but then the risk profile is a bit spicier).

This will give £5 target for the first few days (I'm going to increase the daily target in round pounds).

It may not be a lot, but it will cover my latte and panini habit.

There are 5 basic rules for laying a bet, but until I have tested the system for a while I won't be giving out any details.

Todays selection:
13.40 Leicester: Ever Special at 2.60
14.00 Southwell: La Colline at 2.68
14.10 Leicester: Pearl King at 1.94
14.30 Southwell: Little Eskimo at 2.00
14.50 Lingfield: Marine Parade at 2.70